So you have researched and found your artist and taken all the steps to getting your new tattoo. Now it’s time to take care of it! Remember it is an open wound! So the right soap is key in keeping your tattoo clean!

Now that you have a fresh tattoo it is susceptible to microorganisms and bacteria in the worst kind of way. We touch money, and door knobs, and cell phones all day, so remember not to touch your tattoo while it’s healing! Don’t let your friends, babies, kids, pets, or anything else for that matter touch it! Regular hand soap and body wash won’t do anything to protect you when it’s time to give it a good cleaning.


Antibacterial soap is much better. But an ANTIMICROBIAL soap will give you a way better clean! Sound harsh? Not so much actually. Provon soap is a lotion based antimicrobial soap which is actually very gentle, especially for those who have sensitive skin. This is the same soap surgeons use to prep themselves before surgery, so why not trust this for your new lifetime investment? Tattoos can be expensive and there’s nothing worse than being careless, not keeping your tattoo clean, and giving yourself a nasty infection to ruin that beautiful piece of art you just paid for. So think about what kinds of soaps you are using, don’t touch your tattoo with dirty hands, and make sure you are washing it throughout the day.

 Provon soap is amazing for cleaning piercings too!!


 You can purchase provon antimicrobial soap at Elite Tattoo Gallery