Tattoo Vanish® is the world’s original and best ALL NATURAL, Non-LASER Tattoo Removal method available today. Our product and method of tattoo removal is non-toxic and completely removes the ink through the skin externally without disbursing it throughout the body like LASER does. It is the safest, medically sound alternative to LASER, surgical excision or dermabrasion. Tattoo Vanish® is the world’s FIRST proven ALL NATURAL method.


This process is done right in the tattoo studio! Tattoo Vanish® is a revolutionary method of ink removal is similar to applying a tattoo or permanent makeup to the skin.

Our method minimizes damage to the skin, which greatly reduces the chances of scaring. The all natural solution is applied onto the open skin and immediately starts bonding with the tattoo ink, then pulls it to the surface and into the natural formation of a scab on your skin. Once the scab forms over the treated area, the scab must be kept dry until the scab falls off naturally. The scab will be saturated with the ink from the previous tattoo procedure. Once the scab falls off, our aftercare cream is applied twice a day for the next 5-8 weeks to ensure proper healing of the treated area.

The procedure is then repeated until the desired effect of lighting or total removal is achieved; resulting in 50-70% less sessions than other methods.


Our professionally trained technician, Brittany Bose, is available to help you completely remove that unwanted or regrettable tattoo once and for all. Call 910-346-2059 to schedule your consultation today! Appointments are available early mornings, afternoons, and weekends with flexible pricing options for your removal plan.

We are also the only shop in Eastern North Carolina that you can finance your removal plan!

Tatoo removal aftercare