When me and my wife were searching for a tattoo parlor we were a bit down because we could not find any place that seemed to entice us. Then we came across Elite Tattoos and decided to give it a shot. Their outstanding professionalism and character speaks volumes about the employees. I felt like I was welcomed into a whole new family. Their art work is amazing and there is no other tattoo shop like Elite Tattoo. Nik did an awesome job on my quarter sleeve and Melissa did a wonderful job on my wife’s leg. They can bet they have two very satisfied returning customers.

Dallas Kline

I have been to two other tattoo parlors and never had the experience that I have had here. This was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. When I came into the parlor I was expecting to be treated as a piece of meat. I was not I was treated as if I was a friend. The staff is so friendly and the art work is unbelievable. I had my leg tattooed by Nick and he also fixed my arm tattoo. It was very inexpensive and has a feeling as if you’re at home. The owner and her husband are very friendly and aren’t afraid to make suggestions on changing your tattoo for the good. Over all I will recommend Elite Tattoo Gallery & Body Piercing Studio to anybody whom is looking for a detailed tattoo.

Joshua Useldinger

Just got the most badass tattoo done by Nik. It’s a thousand times better than I had imagined it would be and was well worth the 3 hours of pain. If you want a great quality tattoo definitely come here to get it done. The employees are amazing and hilarious so you will be greatly entertained while getting your ink done 🙂

Morgan Kowalski

elite tattoo gallery , welcome to the family and that’s exactly how it is everyone here is extremely nice and don’t just see you as another dollar sign. they take there time and get to know you you just feel like a big group of friends, and as far as the tattoo work melissa ferranto is my go to artist. i give her an idea and she always goes beyond my expectations and is open to any idea. by far the best tattoo gallery I’ve been to and best in Jacksonville!

Josh Kaufmann

Just finished up the touch up work on my quarter sleeve. Making the awesomeness even more awesome!!! Elite is the best shop in town, they’re not here to just make money. they care about the art they’re putting out. This shop is about the quality, cant wait for my second quarter sleeve by Melissa!

Michael McHale

After what felt like ten years of searching for a tattoo shop, I finally came across Elite. After making the hour journey to talk with the artists my husband and I were sold. As soon as we walked in we couldn’t help but notice the wonderful atmosphere. Everyone here is so nice, not to mention talented. Melissa did my tattoo and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out, not to mention it felt like a unicorn licking me. I would recommend this shop to anyone who actually wants an awesome tattoo instead of some half a** tattoo drawn up by people that have no business tattooing. Also check out their bathroom wall art while you’re there!

Kylie Kline

Best experience I’ve had at a tattoo shop! Everyone is friendly and the artists are creative! I had an idea of a piece i wanted to do and the owner took my idea and turned it into something i never thought i could get with great detail.

Jacob Aceret

Elite Tattoo Gallery is amazing!!! Got to enjoy a deadly sword battle while being tattooed! They made me feel comfortable and part of the family!

Jessica Loper

I have tried the rest, and this is the best shop around, not only have I had tattoos fixed by Nik, but I have also had original works created and put to skin. This shop is amazing,but don’t take my word for it, get out and check out all the incredibly talented artist’s portfolios and see for yourself. The prices are also EXTREMELY REASONABLE, you may think you are getting a “deal” some place else because the price is cheaper, take it from someone who has endured lazer surgery to remove a bad tattoo (took 3 sessions at a cost $325 for 6″x6″sq) , as well as had to have tattoos covered up/fixed, cheap doesn’t always mean you’ll receive great work. Do yourself a favor, have your bodyart done right the first time and save yourself the trouble of unnecessary and costly procedures. If getting pierced is your thing, well Dyz is by far the best around, not only is he professionally courteous, but compassionate and gentle, regardless if this is your first or 10th piercing. Dyz only uses state of the art equipment, and meticulous about each and every piercing, as the mom of a teen that loves being pierced, I wouldn’t dream of taking her anywhere else, I made that MISTAKE once, now I don’t trust anyone else to pierce her. go down check the shop out and become part of the family.

M. Patterson

I’ve been going to Artist Elite for over 2 years now. After having tried several parlors in Eastern NC over the last 11 years, I have NEVER put my name on an artist and given out shop cards! I probably hand out 5-8 cards A WEEK!!! I have had the pleasure of being tattooed by all three artists in the shop. My tattoos done by Stephen and Melissa will be in the December edition of Skin & Ink magazine. We have orders to go back home to Cali in October.I will make it a priority to visit AT LEAST twice a year to visit my AE family and get inked by true professionals! If you want a quality tattoo, done by true artists, of high professional caliber at EXTREMELY reasonable prices, you’d be stupid to go anywhere else